work with content — tips for independent entrepreneurs

You decided to work with content on the site and find a copywriter on the exchange yourself


Before you run for the text to the copywriter, decide :

  • why do you need text?
  • what should it be — informational or commercial, should SEO be considered ?

Before starting the search for a specialist:

  • Browse your competitors’ sites to see what type of texts they have;
  • make a detailed technical task — it should include at least the address of the page to which the text is written, technical parameters (from the point of view of SEO), information on the topic.

When searching for a specialist:

  • pay attention to his experience, taking into account your subject and requirements;
  • Do not take free or copywriters without reviews / portfolios — there is a risk of getting to a beginner whose text will not suit you. He will rewrite the text for you indefinitely, but, as practice shows, the text will be of poor quality.


    Some useful information from our editor

    Work with content — not just copy-paste.

    Typically, a client fills out a detailed brief about his goods / services, the editor clarifies the missing information, and complements the technical task for the copywriter compiled by the SEO optimizer (including a brief, text requirements, including from an SEO point of view).


There is no other way to embed key queries on a site’s pages than to embed them in meta tags and texts.

  • You can object: “So implement specific user requests only in meta tags.”

Alas, it is impossible to limit the introduction of keywords only in these blocks. With the fields of meta tags filled in, a page without text content still remains invisible to search robots, which means that it is of no value. A page without textual content Yandex and Google may not index for a long time (that is, not add to their databases) on the simple reason that a search robot cannot compose a short text image of a page to put it in search results.

Therefore, if you want the page to be indexed by search engines and have high positions, you must fill it with text . Moreover, no less than on the sites of your competitors.

  • You can also say: “And let’s just insert the keywords in the pictures and we will not write texts.”

Again, alas. It is impossible to write keywords on the image and put on the page — search robots will not be able to read the picture, because they understand only the language of the program code and letters. Show them the key queries in the text — you have a chance to get to the top. So without writing texts promotion can not do without it.

  • Well, just think about your customers. 95% of your potential customers study the texts on the site before first contacting the company. People first get acquainted with the information in it, and then react. And what thoughts does an empty web page generate for a visitor who has switched to read about your product or service? Naturally, these are: “Why should I order something from you, if I see that you don’t have time to even tell me about your own product / service on the site page, where did I go? Where do you get the time for me? For quality service and service me as a client? ”

And the potential customer will leave you for that site that is not empty and where there is a text that tells him about the product, service, payment and delivery methods.

Maybe just rewrite text from a competitor’s page?

Could be so. But then:

  • it will be a text about your competitor. And the customer will go to him. Because his site has long been in the top, and for your promotion is just beginning;
  • or you will have a top, but there will be no leads, because the keys in the text will complete the task — the client will go to you from the search results. But, having stumbled upon information that is useless for him in the text, he closes the page and leaves to look for where to get useful information about the provision of the service.

Plus, if the copywriter writes texts only on the basis of texts from sites from the top ten in the SERP, it may turn out that they will distort the true information about the product or service, because the web source is already distorting them.

Do you want to earn an expert reputation through the texts on the site?

Make a detailed technical task with a description of the company’s work, information on services.

Thanks to specific information (facts, figures, stories from work experience), it is possible to minimize the risk that unscrupulous competitors copy the text to themselves, since it was written in such general phrases that it would fit any company from this niche.

Preserving the uniqueness of the text (that is, its unprecedentedness, the same text is not found anywhere else on the Internet) is an important moment for promotion . The facts and examples from the practice of your company presented in the text are not suitable for competitors.

If there are differences from competitors, then there is added value. But there will be none — there will be no good positions in extradition. Only you, as a company representative or business owner, know that your company is «rebuilt» from competitors. The copywriter is not aware of this. Share with him in the brief / terms of reference so that he can reflect this value for your clients in the text.

What is the outcome and conclusion?

Try to tell copywriters as much as possible about the specifics of their services and goods, the benefits of ordering from you. Give facts, figures, interesting stories from work experience.

And if you want your site to be in the top — approach the issue comprehensively. Order not just texts, but an SEO promotion service in the ikkam — save your time, money and nerves!

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